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Mary, mother of our God


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Mary, mother of our God

Message par Claire le Ven 18 Déc 2015 - 14:05

Les paroles de ce chant nous sont donnés par musique974

VERSE ONE: Mary mother of our God, will you pray to Jesus, our Lord and our king. We have heard His sacred words, and with love, we pray them to you as we sing. Holy maiden queen, you magnify the love we have for Jesus when we pray. O Sanctissima, Regina Coeli laetare.

REFRAIN: Hail Mary, O great immaculate mother, please pray that we will forever worship together the sacred glory of your son. You were chosen by God to bring us a savior, our Lord, the almighty Jesus, sent here to lead us through all the wonders of His love.

VERSE TWO: Mary, you have prayed for us, now we kneel before you in honor and praise. Through your faith and holiness, we are blessed by Jesus on this glorious day. Lifted by your grace, we stand beside your son, our holy prince of peace and love. Mater adspice dona nobis pacem, Maria. (REPEAT REFRAIN)

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